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Our innovative providers put your health first using cutting-edge medical care to make you look and feel your very best….no matter what age.

Our patients enjoy benefits like:

  • Convenient online consultations
  • VIP medical care from licensed providers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Reliable access to prescriptions
  • Approval for HSA/FSA payments
  • Medically proven treatments and healthcare
  • Easy ordering with convenient home delivery
  • Our services are not covered by insurance

Getting older doesn’t have to mean dealing with age-related health and wellness problems. 

At Apollo Virtual Health, our goal is to provide solutions that help you look and feel like your younger, stronger, more energetic self again and maximize your body’s full potential. 

Services Offered

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weight management

Weight loss is more than willpower… Your weight is personal… And your path to achieving your weight loss goals should be too. An Apollo medical provider will look at all the factors including your biology to create personalized weight loss treatment plans that address your weight concerns. Our services include state of the art FDA-approved medications to help you lose weight and keep it off for good.


Sexual Performance

Apollo Virtual Health Starts With You

Take your sexual health into your own hands with evidence-based interventions proven to increase sexual function and pleasure. We offer a large array of sexual wellness options that include, but not limited to, oral erectile function medication and injections along with sexual arousal medications, sensitivity creams, and wipes.

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peptide therapy

Peptide Therapy is quickly becoming the most sought-after breakthrough in modern medicine today. It is a newly emerging science that offers superior results and extensive benefits. Peptides occur naturally in the human body, and as we age, we see a decrease in our peptide production. This can affect our bodily functions such as metabolism, gut health, weight loss, sexual desire, inflammation, recovery, and other age-related conditions. Our peptide-certified providers will create a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored specifically to you, to get you feeling your very best as you age.

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